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Tailgate Loyalty Program

Tailgate Tavern & Grill Loyalty cards are available. Ask your server to receive one.

The Customer Loyalty card is redeemable for food, beverage and/or merchandise at the Tailgate Tavern and Grill. You must present your card, at time of purchase, to earn points.

Reward Point/Dollars are earned by the amount of your expenditures.  The Tailgate Tavern Loyalty Program is comprised of 3 levels, which are adjusted quarterly and earn reward points at the following rate:

  •   Bronze Level (base reward level):  $2 = 1 point
  •   Silver Level (our top 31-60 customers):  $1.5 = 1 point
  •   Gold Level (our top 30 customers):  $1 = 1 point

Once a customer accumulates 100 points on their card, they will earn a $10 Loyalty Card reward. This reward will appear within 24 hours of earning your reward. Please keep this card in a safe place and treat it as cash.

When you first receive your Loyalty Card, it must be scanned in our system, PRIOR TO CLOSING A TAB. You will not be able to register your card online unless this step is completed first. All initial expenditures of the closed tab will be accumulated and reported to your card, upon complete registration. All points accrued/earned will appear within 24 hours of your registration.

Tailgate Tavern Loyalty Card

Online registration of card must be completed within 7 days of its receipt, in order for activation to occur.

Thereafter, you are free to use your loyalty card every time you visit The Tailgate Tavern and Grill. Remember, in order for you to accumulated your points on your card, you must have your server swipe the card, PRIOR TO CLOSING YOUR TAB.



  1. Points accrue indefinitely and never expire. However, they cannot be used for gratuity or exchanged for cash.
  2. Reward Points/Dollars are not transferable.
  3. Points cannot be accrued for any comped and/or discounted items, to include Daily Happy Hour 3pm-7pm.
  4. Tailgate Tavern reserves the right to revise, pause and/or discontinue this loyalty program, at any time, without notice. Changes to the program will be posted on this website page. Certain Blackout dates may apply (see below).
  5.   Blackout dates (subject to change) currently include: St. Patrick’s Day & Parker Days Weekend.
  6. Points may not be redeemed on the following dates: St. Patrick’s Day, Parker Days Weekend & New Year’s Eve
  7. Again, please note/understand that for security reasons, loyalty cards cannot be swiped in our system at the beginning of a transaction. The customer is responsible for ensuring that their server receives customer’s loyalty card at the time payment is made. Otherwise, any points that could have been earned will be lost. This means that once payment has been made, servers do not have the capability to “go back” and add points for closed checks.
  8. Replacement cards are a $5 charge.
  9. By registering this card, you acknowledge that you have read and understand all terms and conditions set forth on this page. Click here to register your card.
  10. To update your member information or check your balance, click here.
  11. We must have a valid email address on file for you. If you opt-out of our email list, your card may become inactive. In order to reactivate your card you will need to contact us at Be sure to include:

 – Your card number
– First & Last Name
– Your new email address

As you know, we are in the beginning steps of this Loyalty Program and although we have tried to test all situations, sometimes things just happen. We ask for your patience and understanding as we continue to improve the program.

If you experience any problems or have any issues, please let us know by emailing Be sure to include:

– Your card number
– First & Last Name
– email address for registration
– Birthday
– A phone number where we can contact you

We thank you again for joining our Loyalty Program and for being such a great customer.

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